The Batman: From Michael Giacchino’s Score to Hans Zimmer’s Iconic Soundtrack, 7 Best Themes of the Dark Knight Ranked!

Batman has been a subject to many media interpretations. He has been adapted into movies, television, video games and audio series. Batman truly is one of the biggest characters of the 21st century. Across all mediums he has been portrayed by various actors, and each of them have brought a certain spin to him. Next month, we get yet another interpretation of Batman and he will be portrayed by none other than Robert Pattinson. The Batman sees the Caped Crusader in his second year of crime fighting, and he will face off against the mysterious Riddler. Robert Pattinson’s The Batman to Be Longest-Ever Movie on the Caped Crusader.

While there are actors who greatly define the character of Batman, there is another aspect of him that fans always look forward to as well, the soundtrack. Themes are what make a character and give them personality, and over the years we have had many impressive Batman themes. Many iconic themes have become synonymous with the character as well. Whether you are talking about Danny Elfman’s dark and haunting themes, or Michael Giacchino’s upcoming score, fans love the music. So let’s rank the seven best themes of the Dark Knight. The Batman: Warner Bros Releases Michael Giacchino’s Theme For Robert Pattinson’s DC Film!

Note: Will also be including themes from animated Batman films and shows as well.

Batman 66’ Theme (Neal Hefty)

Perhaps one of the most iconic themes ever in television, Batman 1966 had one of the best themes for the character ever. Set to a comical sounding riff and the lyrics just screaming “BATMAN”, this theme fits right into the tone of the show. To this day it is still being meme’d and referenced in the media, so it does its job perfectly.

Batman: The Mask of Phantasm (Shirley Walker)

Batman: The Mask of Phantasm is a solid animated film that puts a nice spin to the origin of the character. The main theme of the film though does a great job of creating an atmosphere. It also has some Latin inspiration behind it, of which the lyrics just turned out to be the names of key Warner Bros staff read backwards.

 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Hans Zimmer)

Batman’s theme in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is loud, kinetic and does a great job at portraying the rage of this Batman. Ben Affleck’s Batman is perhaps the angriest version of the character we have seen on screen, and this theme does a great job at providing depth to this character.

Batman 89’ (Danny Elfman)

Danny Elfman’s theme is what people think of first when they imagine a dark and brooding Batman. At the time of release, the theme for Batman 89’ got so popular that it was even reused for Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Christopher Drake)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns adapts the comic book into a two part animated movie. What follows is a one-to-one adaptation of the comic. While it does pack a lot of great many things, the soundtrack in particular is quite top notch. Showcasing an old Batman getting back into the costume for the first time in 20 years, the theme does a great way of showcasing a heroic, but a more violent crime fighter.

The Dark Knight Trilogy (Hans Zimmer)

Hans Zimmer scored all three of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, and his soundtrack gives a great job of maintaining continuity between films. Zimmer’s soundtrack for The Dark Knight Trilogy paints Batman in a more heroic light. It focuses heavily on a hero being born out of darkness and starts it off with a triumphant beat.

The Batman (Michael Giacchino)

It’s just been a bit since this has been released, and I have already heard it more times than I can count on my fingers. While this may be controversial for some, I can confidently say this is the best Batman theme yet. It’s a theme that covers all the core concepts of the character. It’s dark, moody, emotional, angry and most of all, heroic.

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