Snoop Dogg ‘taking legal action’ against ‘Snoop on a Stoop’

Snoop Dogg is not amused by this take on a Christmas classic created in his image.

This holiday season, the internet has gone wild for a Snoop version of the wholesome Elf on the Shelf doll, cleverly called Snoop on the Stoop.

Whereas the popular toy inspired by the eponymous 2005 children’s book usually looks like a cherubic, white elf (Santa’s best friend in the story), the Snoop version features the 50-year-old smoking a blunt, wearing sunglasses and wearing an elf outfit.

Multiple online retailers are currently selling varyingly dressed takes on the concept — but none are authorized by the rapper himself, who took to Twitter this week to make clear he does not endorse the novelty item.

“I have no connection to the SNOOP ON A STOOP product and will be taking legal action against those making it and whoever is selling it,” Snoop Dogg tweeted Sunday. Representatives for the actor and entrepreneur did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment.

Meanwhile, a New Jersey-based 3D printing company that sold out of Snoop on the Stoop dolls is claiming that others are reportedly stealing its original concept.

“Hello friends, I’m aware there is a Scam company taking orders for Snoop on The Stoop. They are even using my product photos!” the company, 3D Printing by MuckyChris, wrote in an Instagram post. “They take your money and disappear 1-2 weeks later. If you didn’t get Snoop on the Stoop directly from me (or Joseph @ Out of Step Offbeat Boutique) you can be sure it’s a scam.”

According to the sports news site Sportskeeda, MuckyChris’ Stoop Snoops were made with handmade 3D printed polymer clay heads, came with two felt uniforms (one green with black sunglasses, the other purple with gold sunglasses) and were available in two sizes, a 16-inch for $99.99 and a 32-inch for $199.99. As of this writing, Snoop on a Stoop was no longer available on MuckyChris’ website. It is unclear if this is because they sold out or due to the legal threat. 

MuckyChris did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment.