Sing 2 Movie Review: Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson’s Animated Film is a Wholesome Time at the Cinemas! (The Hamden Journal Exclusive)

Sing 2 Movie Review: This year has honestly been great for musicals. You have so many amazing films coming out for the musical genre and each one of them is knocking it out of the park. So now here we are on the final musical of the year, Sing 2. A sequel to the 2016 animated film Sing, Sing 2 is a great showing that I thoroughly enjoyed and honestly capped this year off in a very sweet way. The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review: Keanu Reeves’ Fourth Film in the Sci-Fi Franchise Is a Disappointingly Forgettable Outing (The Hamden Journal Exclusive).

Sing 2 follows the same stage band of Buster Moon from the first film. Following him and his partners who want to make it big, Sing 2 is all about earning and seizing that moment. In this Buster partners up with a media mogul named Crystal, a wolf, to create a sci-fi stage musical and lies to him by saying that he will be able to bring the legendary singer Clay Calloway as well. So begins the journey of getting the legendary singer all while trying to stay on the good side of Crystal.

Well I hadn’t watched Sing prior to watching Sing 2, so I was totally blind going in. I just knew this was an animated film featuring animals that sing, nothing more. It completely took me off by surprise when 10 minutes into the movie I was actually quite enjoying it. The story theme of not feeling good enough for something and doing your best to chase a dream resonated with me a lot and pulled me in immediately. At times I found it quite deep for a children’s film and that’s something I did not expect at all. The story themes presented here were a definite standout.

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Even the voice cast, and my god, is it an impressive voice cast. You have Matthew McConaughey portraying Buster Moon, you have Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Nick Croll, Halsey, Pharell Williams and Bono, they even got Bono for this. This is not even mentioning that Nick Offerman and Spike Jonze are a part of the cast. I loved everyone in their roles. They fit their characters perfectly and all of them sounded so different than they usually do. I was in awe when the credits started rolling and I saw the talent attached to this film.

The characters are also wonderful. They perfectly encapsulate the family-like feeling of the movie. There are no personal conflicts put in within the group to create a soap opera-like drama, rather everyone just loves each other and is doing their best to support the group. It was quite sweet to see that.

Since Sing 2 is a jukebox musical, that means the songs used over here are basically well-known popular songs that we have been listening to for a while now. There is one original song here that honestly had me giddy with excitement during the end, but overall I loved all the song choices and had a great time with it. Seeing Taron Egerton sing A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay was just, wow.

But my main problem with the film lies within how the scenes play out. Right as the film begins, it pushes itself right into the meat of the plot. There isn’t much buildup to it and it feels like they wanted to dive into it immediately. This leads to some characters just not receiving enough time to flesh out their plotlines properly. Had there just been 10 more minutes added to this movie, it would have made a huge difference. Spider-Man No Way Home Movie Review: Tom Holland’s Marvel Film Is a Multiversal Celebration of the Iconic Avenger! (The Hamden Journal Exclusive).

Animated by Illumination as well, the guys behind Despicable Me and Minions, I was left a bit disappointed here. The animation is very inconsistent to put it in simple words. I don’t know if it was my cinema or what, but sometimes the scenes just felt like they were playing at a higher frame rate and going back down to normal. That technicality just pulled me out quite a few times because of how jarring it felt. It would also make the characters while talking seem like that their mouths were moving, but there was a teeny tiny delay to their dialogue.


Fun Story

Voice Cast

Great Characters

Good Song Choices


Should Have Been 10 Minutes Longer

Animation is Inconsistent

Final Thoughts

I went in expecting nothing and I left with a smile on my face. Sing 2 was something I didn’t know I needed to watch but I am so glad I did that I went home and put on the first film. If you just want to go to the cinemas and enjoy a movie that will fill you up with happiness, then Sing 2 is the perfect choice for you.

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