Rudyard Kipling Birth Anniversary: The Jungle Book, The Man Who Would Be King – 5 Movies Adapted From The Author’s Poems And Novels

Rudyard Kipling was born in Maharashtra India during the peak of British Raj. Hence, you find some semblance of the country in a few of his writings. His poems and novels have become premises for a lot of movie adaptations. He returned to India after spending a few years in England to take up a job in Punjab. One of his favourite literary works that spun several series and movies is The Jungle Book. Today on his birth anniversary, let’s talk about more such works of his that got on screen adaptations. From The Jungle Book To Frozen: Here’s How Disney Has Been Recycling Its Own Scenes for Years and We Barely Noticed It (Watch Video).

The Jungle Book

The adventures of Mowgli as he escaped the deadly paws of Royal Indian Tiger. This book has been recreated into a series and movies a couple of times. A recent one was done in 2016 which earned more than even a Shah Rukh Khan film.

The Man Who Would Be King

It’s a 1975 technicolor adventure film based on a novel by Kipling. Interestingly, Christopher Plummer plays Kipling in the film which also stars Sean Connery, Michael Cane, Saeed Jaffery. The film is about two rogue ex-soldiers who land in a place called Kafirstan in 19th century India. One of them becomes a God and a King. Sean Connery Birth Anniversary: From Dr No to Finding Forrester, 11 Movie Quotes That Are as Iconic as The Legend Who Spoke Them.

Captain Courageous

Two movies were made on this novel by Kipling of the same name. It talks about a spoilt brat who accidentally falls in the sea and is rescued by fishermen. He now has to learn to live like them.

Gunga Din

Gunga Din is based on a poem written by Rudyard Kipling about three sergeants. All of them were having a great time together until one of the them decides to leave service to get married.


Kim is an orphan who begs on the streets of India. He unwittingly follows a Lama, only to find himself as a part of a British mission against Russian rebels. The movie is based on Kipling’s novel by the same name.


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