Maggie Smith Birthday: 5 Best Roles From Her Acting Career That Will Always Be Our Favourites (Watch Videos)

Harry Potter actress Maggie Smith celebrates her birthday on December 28. The veteran actress has always been praised for her terrific acting skills and the way she infuses life into different characters. An Academy Award winner, Smith has given us so many brilliant roles to remember and admire. It’s a delight to see her on the big screen and we can play her movies on loop. Speaking of which, on Maggie Smith’s big day today, let’s reminisce some of the great roles of her entire career. Maggie Smith Birthday: From Being Real-Life Superhero to Multiple Awards & Accolades, 5 Things to Know About Our Fav Professor Minerva McGonagall.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

The movie that gave her an Oscar recognition in the Best Actress category, Maggie Smith will forever stay as our Jean Brodie. She played the role of a free-spirited teacher in the 1930s who teaches at a Scottish girls’ school. However, she attracts the irks of the school’s headmistress when she starts teaching her students about embracing their romantic sides and educating them about love.

Gosford Park 

A classic murder mystery that is set in the 1930s, this one won’t be categorised as only a murder mystery. It was beyond that and had tons of drama involved. When the host of a ‘shooting’ party gets mysteriously murdered, his family members are bound to be the prime suspects. Maggie Smith in here plays the role of Countess of Trentham, who has an intimidating aura around herself. Maggie Smith Birthday: Downton Abbey, Gosford Park, It All Came True – 5 Thought-Provoking Movie Dialogues by the Actress.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Maggie Smith played our favourite Gryffindor house head, transfiguration professor, quidditch enthusiast and member of the Order of the Phoenix in the Harry Potter saga. However, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a movie that taps into her potential. We loved Harry, Hermoine and Ron but Minerva McGonagall was also our favourite.

Washington Square 

Maggie Smith played Aunt Lavinia in this Agnieszka Holland directorial. In fact, her character was written to enjoy all the drama, particularly the one that revolved around her niece’s love life.

The VIPs 

The movie, as the name suggests doesn’t revolve around the VIP members of the world but instead around the VIP lounge of an airport. Smith played the role of Miss Mead who’s in love with her employer so much so that she’s willing to take all the risks to get him out of this delay.

Happy Birthday, Maggie Smith!

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