How Emily in Paris Brought the “Fantasy” of Paris to Life

Emily in Paris season two will make you fall more in love with the City of Light, and that’s all thanks to production designer Anne Seibel.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, the Oscar-nominated art director revealed how exactly she brought Emily’s Parisian world to life, including the American expat’s stunning walk-up apartment. Seibel’s secret? Blending Paris’ real-life exquisite exteriors with studio sets.

For example, the interiors for Savoir, Emily’s apartment and Gabriel’s restaurant are all built sets, but plenty of the real Paris is included in the Lily Collins–led comedy.

In fact, while the interior of Emily’s apartment is (wo)man-made for the show, Seibel confirmed that season one’s notable spiral stairwell really exists out there in Paris. Though, even if you stumbled upon it, you might not recognize it.

“When we came there, I said, ‘My god, they repainted the whole thing inside,'” she shared. “They must have made money on us.”

Seibel’s solution to the problem: “I built the stairs. I gave more stairs for the apartment to shoot in. It was fun for me.” (Eagle-eyed fans, we dare you to find any inconsistencies between the original and the convincing replica.)