Here’s Why Peter Weber Turned Down Bachelor in Paradise

Almost paradise!

Peter Weber was planning on knocking on heaven’s door during the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, he said he ultimately declined the offer to return to the ABC franchise due to disagreements with his contract. 

“I was actually going to do Bachelor in Paradise. I was going to do it,” the former Bachelor told Us Weekly on June 21. “We just couldn’t agree on a contract at the end of the day is what it came down to.”

According to the reality TV star, he was all but set to appear on the show’s 8th season, but the stars did not align in his favor. 

“I had gotten the days off. I had this month off to go out there and I was going to give it a shot. I honestly was,” he said. “I always kept looking at that as, like, the one venue I hadn’t, like, really checked off yet or tried.” 

Ready for romance, Peter said he initially believed he might have been able to find love on the beach. “I thought maybe [I could] give it one more try,” he explained. “But [ABC and I] ended up not being able to agree on anything and get out there. I feel everything happens for a reason, so it’s all good.”