Here’s What Really Led to Meghan King and Cuffe Owens’ Sudden Split

The source adds, “It was not a relationship rooted in that much practicality. She had hopes of being able to spend more time in California but the kids cannot just be moved.”

Although it’s unclear whether Meghan and Cuffe discussed their living arrangements prior to getting married, the two made it a priority to see each other—no matter how much traveling was involved.

“We connected on a dating app, texted for a day or two, then spent five straight hours on the phone the first time we spoke,” Meghan told Brides after she and Cuffe tied the knot in October. “By the time that call ended, Cuffe was booked and packed for a flight to St. Louis that took off in about eight hours.”

She added, “Within a week, we were back on the East Coast, meeting his family, and starting to plan our future together. We didn’t leave each other’s side for weeks.”

It’s unknown when the two first began dating, but Meghan debuted their relationship on Instagram in September. Two weeks later, they were officially married.