Here’s How Audrina Patridge Slid Into Henry Cavill’s DMs

Audrina Patridge is patiently waiting for her own Superman, although she did, at one point, slide into the DMs of the superhero himself.

The Hills: New Beginnings star admitted as much during E!’s Down in the DMs on Dec. 30.

“I did send Henry Cavill, like, a cute little face on one of his videos,” Audrina recalled. “He posted a really cute funny video and I had to react to it.”

Did the Justice League actor take note of the response?

Unfortunately not. “I didn’t get a response!” Audrina shared.

That said, she has plenty of her own unread DMs, many of which are men shooting their shot. The first that come to mind? Several professional baseball players. 

“I remember one was from the Yankees,” Audrina said. “This was two years ago because he was friends with Frankie [Delgado] and I asked Frankie, I’m like, ‘Hey do you know this guy? He wrote me on Instagram.'”