Glass Onion Ending Explained: 5 Mysteries You Have About Rian Johnson-Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc Murder Mystery, Solved! (SPOILER ALERT)

Have you watched Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery? If you haven’t watched Rian Johnson’s sequel to his hit murder mystery, Knives Out, then please stop reading this feature and watch the film first. For the below article has MAJOR SPOILERS about the murder mystery reveal and certain questions that we found the internet discussing that we think we might have answers for, even if we aren’t Benoit Blanc. If you have watched or not watched the film, then do also check out our review here first. Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery Movie Review: Rian Johnson-Daniel Craig Pull Off Another Brilliant Benoit Blanc Murder Mystery.

So Glass Onion brings back Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, a brilliant private detective who is presently frustrated being cooped at his house thanks to the advent of the pandemic. He is glad when an invitation comes in form of a puzzle box. The puzzle box is sent by Miles Bron (Edward Norton), a narcissistic billionaire and entrepreneur who sends these invitations on an annual basis to his close circle of friends, whom he calls the “Disruptors”. Solving the puzzle gives these friends an exclusive invite to Miles’ private island for the weekend and play his ‘murder mystery game.

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Benoit Blanc is, however, a mysterious invitee since he is no friend of Miles and even though she had been a part of Miles’ gang, Andi (Janelle Monáe)’s presence also sparks curiosity since she and Miles had a fallout when the former accuses latter of stealing her company from her. Others who arrive at the island are a men’s right influencer Duke (Dave Bautista), his young girlfriend Whiskey (Madelyn Cline) who has an affair with Miles, the governor of Connecticut Claire (Kathryn Hannah), a former supermodel Birdie (Kate Hudson) and her frustrated PA Peg (Jessica Henwick), and Lionel (Leslie Odom Jr) a scientist who works for Miles.

The Mystery and Its Reveal

During that very night, Duke is killed by poisoning, and Miles think he was supposed to be the actual victim. It turns out that ‘Andi’ at the island is actually Helen, her identical twin sister, and the real Andi died a week back. Helen had hired Benoit to investigate her sister’s murder and it was no accident or oversight that he was there at the island. Both Benoit and Helen tried to find clues as to who the murderer is, as each of the Disruptor has a reason to kill Andi. They also tried to find the proof of how Andi was the one who had the original idea of her and Miles’ venture, which Miles lied and claimed as his, and used their rest of their friends to testify falsely against her. Miles and Andi had a fallout over the former’s obsession on investing in Klear – a hydrogen-based energy source that is unstable and dangerous.

A Still From Glass Onion (Photo Credits: Netflix)

In the end, it is revealed that Miles himself had killed both Andi and Duke, and he also burnt the one proof that could have implicated him. It may seem a very obvious killer reveal but it is not exactly so. Or is it? Glass Onion: Kate Hudson Jokes About How ‘Cucumber’ Helped Her in Getting Right Figure for Bikini Scene in Knives Out 2.

In this special feature, we try to answer five ‘mysteries’ that the internet is busy discussing on social media about the film’s supposed plotholes.

Why Did Miles Send Andi An Invitation Box When He Had Already Killed Her?

A Still From Glass Onion (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Simple enough, Miles sending that invitation box to Andi was merely a manufactured excuse for him to distract the cops that he was not aware that Andi was dead when he had sent it. Since Andi’s legal spat with Miles was well-publicised, he would have been the prime suspect in her murder and this was his way to keep the needle of suspicion not pointing towards him. Andi was always part of his annual mystery solving ritual, and he expected the authorities to see the ‘invitation’ as his way of extending the olive branch to his former friend.

Why Didn’t Miles Realise That Andi Who Came on His Island is Fake?

A Still From Glass Onion (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Well, Miles was shocked to see ‘Andi’ on his island, wasn’t it? But I assume it was not because his nemesis accepted his invitation, but to see her alive. I think he believed that she somehow managed to survive his poisoning attempt and is now here to eke revenge. Which is also why I assume he might be cool with the idea that Benoit Blanc is at the island, since he thought a detective’s presence might deter Andi from doing anything. Let’s also remember that Benoit and Blanc had managed to suppress the news of Andi’s death from going public, so there’s that. I am not sure Miles knew if Andi had a twin sister. Perhaps he did, which might be why he wasn’t shocked of seeing a dead person walking around after seeing the Google Alert of Andi’s death on Duke’s phone, and realising the switcheroo. He may have tried to kill Helen because he thought she might blab the truth to Blanc, little knowing they are already on the collab. Glass Onion: Rian Johnson is ‘Pissed Off’ That ‘A Knives Out Mystery’ Is in the Title of His Whodunit Film.

Why Did Miles Need to Kill Duke When Others Would Know of Andi’s Death Soon Enough?

A Still From Glass Onion (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Another ‘plothole’ I see going viral is netizens asking why Miles need to kill Duke when others are anyway going to know about Andi’s death once they access the phones. Duke didn’t die because he knew of Andi’s death before others through his Google Alert, it is for the fact that he knew Miles was at Andi’s house at the time of her death when Miles told others he was in Greece, after having seen him drive away from her house in his favourite car.

Miles realised only a couple of hours earlier that Duke had seen him when the latter had blurted it out to Benoit Blanc during the swimming pool scene, which he hastily changed to something else. For Miles, Duke is the only person who can point his presence to Andi’s murder, and knowing that backing Duke on his channel might affect his brand value, decided to kill him off. Instead if he hadn’t killed Duke and gave him what he wanted, Duke would have been quiet and Miles could have got Helen arrested for impersonation and trespassing. But like Benoit says, Miles is truly dumb enough not to think far beyond his immediate self-preservation!

Why Did Benoit Blanc Allow Helen to Engage in Property Destruction?

A Still From Glass Onion (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Benoit Blanc is just a private detective and he has no jurisdiction or authority to arrest Miles. Miles had also burnt the only evidence that could tie him to Andi’s murder – Andi’s original startup plan written on tissue paper – and the other ‘eyewitnesses’ won’t say a word against him, because their interests are forcibly aligned to his money, power and influence. By passing her the ‘Klear’ – which Miles himself gave to him earlier – Benoit gives Helen a three-fold attack. Destroying the mansion allows Helen to quench her vengeful thirst against the man who killed her sister, using the very thing that made her lose her company. Secondly, it exposes how dumb and recklessly dangerous Miles is, that the very source of energy that he was backing on has destructed his abode here, and especially the valuable artefacts, like the Mona Lisa painting, means he has too much to answer to the governments of the world. Reputation tattered!

Lastly, Helen’s act of vandalism and that Miles was so wrong about Klear made the rest of the surviving ‘Disruptors’ more confident about opposing Miles, and they are now ready to testify against him.

A simple murder accusation even with proof backing it up might not have done Miles in, since the one who saw him driving away from Andi’s house – Duke – is dead and also since Miles is so powerful and influential that he could have gotten out of the allegations easily. But now with even the Governments also bound to get angry with him, looks like there is no escape for Miles. Like the saying in Hindi goes, ‘agar ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, toh ungli tedi karni padti hai” (if you can’t take out ghee with a straight finger, then you have to keep the finger crooked to get it out)

How Does the Title ‘Glass Onion’ Justify the ‘Easy’ Killer Reveal?

A Still From Glass Onion (Photo Credits: Netflix)

For the unaware, the title ‘Glass Onion’ is taken from a Beatles’ song by the same name, which you can listen to below. The song is also featured in the end-credits of the film.

The Beatles had made this song as a response to their fans reading way too much into the lyrics of their songs. Similarly, ‘Glass Onion’ as a concept may give the idea that it has too many layers, but in reality, you can see through it quite easily. The trailers and even Miles’ supposed murder mystery gave us the impression that he would be the victim. Like real-life narcissistic and bigoted billionaires, Miles always sees himself as a victim. The truth is, he is the the biggest villain of the piece, but we are tricked to think he might be a victim or a potential victim (when Duke gets killed).

It is not just us. Even the brilliant Benoit Blanc fell for it. When it is revealed that Andi is killed and Helen approaches Blanc in the flashback scene, Benoit dismisses Miles as the killer, thinking he is too easy a suspect since Andi’s murder would point fingers at him first. Why, Benoit himself inadvertently supplies Miles with the right excuse to murder Andi the second time, after ruining his ‘murder mystery’ game.

Benoit Blanc’s frustration in the climax is not just how dumb Miles is, but also how short-sighted he himself has been in identifying Miles as a killer. He supplants this recalling how Miles used to drop made-up words that everyone simply sapped up, and how they fell for Miles’ fibbing about Duke picking up his ‘poisoned’ glass by accident, when in reality, he had himself given the glass of drink, mixed with pineapple juice that Duke was allergic to. Let’s note her that by doing so and not using real poison, Miles had created a loophole for himself even if any accusation befalls on him. Miles may not be as intelligent as he purports himself to be, but he is dangerous and cunning and that’s a lethal combo! So if you are complaining that Glass Onion had a very obvious ‘killer’ reveal then you haven’t read the title properly!

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