Every Jaw-Dropping Moment We Still Can’t Believe Happened in 2021

Binge-watching You and becoming obsessed with Joe Goldberg? Still being Team Edward after all this time? Cardi B really is just like us, except, you know, she actually has access to the actors she loves.

The rapper and Penn Badgley formed an unlikely bond when she learned the actor was an admirer of her Twitter profile, leading to a delightful back-and-forth and culminated with both stars changing their Twitter avatars to photos of one another.

Cardi continued to have zero chill when she met Robert Pattinson in November, posting about their meeting on Instagram. 

“Come, look at my friend, guys,” Cardi said in the clip, screaming as the star of Twilight and The Batman posed with her, sticking his tongue out playfully.

The rapper captioned the video, “Look who I met the other day ! I felt like a teen!”