Did You Spot This Editing Mistake in Don’t Look Up?

This could be the part where we just weren’t supposed to look up.
On Dec. 24, the highly anticipated Adam McKay disaster comedy Don’t Look Up—which features megastars Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill—was released on Netflix. And while the cast alone is enough to create some chatter, it’s one fan’s eagle-eyed catch that’s creating a whole new buzz around the film.
Two days after its small-screen release, TikTok user Ben Köhler (@sightpicture) shared a clip from the movie, which included a couple of frames featuring the film’s on-set crew within the shot. “So, hey guys, I was just watching Don’t Look Up,” he said during the Dec. 26 video. “And at one hour, 28 minutes and 10 seconds, it looks like you can see the whole film crew standing here, for like three or four frames.” In the clip, which Ben captioned with the word “oopsy,” he continued, “They’re like, ‘Oh, they probably won’t notice that.’ Yup.”