Britney Spears’ Fiance Sam Asghari Reveals Which Sexy Role He Auditioned For And Just Like That…

Sam Asghari was almost in the Sex and the City revival And Just Like That… but unfortunately lost out on the part to someone else!

The 27-year-old actor spilled on Wednesday that he auditioned for the role of Travis, the physical therapist who helps Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw get “back in heels” once again following her hip surgery in the fifth episode of the HBO Max series. Posting a photo of himself on Instagram Stories, he wrote:

“Man, I was looking forward to this role for the reboot of Sex and the City, And Just Like That.”

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In another story, Asghari gave a shout-out to the actor who ended up landing the part by sharing a screenshot of him from the episode. (FYI, the gig went to Australian actor Ryan Cooper.) Britney Spears’ future hubby expressed:

“Shout out to the dude that got it! It was a dope role.”

You win some. You lose some.

** Warning: Spoilers Ahead **

In the new episode on Thursday, Carrie – who is single again following the death of her husband, Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth – seems quite taken with her handsome physical therapist. So perhaps, a new love interest?! Or maybe just the spark to help her realize she doesn’t HAVE to be alone forever??

Elsewhere, she accidentally spoke about the time when former friend Samantha Jones had to remove her diaphragm, which happened during season 2 of SATC just in case you forgot. When Charlotte York voiced some concerns about using her full name on the podcast, Carrie texted Samantha to notify her about the accidental name drop. Surprisingly, she responded, writing:

“One of my finest hours.”

Samantha then quipped:

“I love that your vagina is getting air time.”

But when Carrie expressed that she “missed” her pal, Samantha started typing something in response but ended up leaving the message on read and ghosted her. Ouch!

Although Asghari missed out on appearing on a quality episode of And Just Like That, viewers still have the opportunity to see him on a different HBO Max series. The personal trainer was on the show Hacks, playing a sexy Santa Claus who shows up to a photo shoot with Jean Smart’s character Deborah Vance. He previously told Variety about the experience:

“It’s only a few seconds, but it’s such a strong few seconds. Working with Jean Smart — I’m flattered to work with such amazing talents that have been around the craft for such a long time. She was so professional. We had a great time.”

Asghari is also set to star in his first major film role in the upcoming thriller, Hot Seat, which features controversial Mel Gibson.

[Image via Sam Asghari/Instagram, MEGA/WENN]