Britney Spears’ Brother Controlled Singer’s Private Life LONG Before Conservatorship, Claims Backup Dancer!

It’s no secret these days how much Britney Spears suffered under the control of her family, especially at the hands of her father. According to her legal fight with Jamie Spears, the singer was isolated from others, emotionally abused, and financially exploited for the past 13 years. But it turns out they may have been exerting power over the pop sensation WAY before her conservatorship.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Anthony Garza, who was a backup dancer for Britney’s Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004, spilled the tea about her older brother, Bryan Spears.

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Anthony claimed that everyone involved with the show had to follow strict guidelines when it came to interacting or hanging out with the singer, explaining:

“We were told from the beginning that everyone would be drug tested and to keep [our] communication minimal with Britney. They told us ‘If Britney asks if you have plans… you don’t.’ ‘If Britney asks you to go somewhere …you can’t.’”

Dang, that’s upsetting. They basically were told not to be friendly with her!

The choreographer recalled one instance when Britney invited her tour team to her apartment in New York City, but the plans got foiled by Bryan — who canceled it so that she would stay “home alone” instead. What the f**k?! Garza shared:

“Britney’s brother told us plans were canceled and Britney would be spending the evening with family, and that if Britney called don’t answer. We didn’t go and we didn’t answer and Britney sat home alone.”

Understandably, Britney had been “upset” after her crew never showed up at her place and later “confronted” them. And when they explained that Bryan would not let them go, her anger over the situation grew even worse:

“She was livid yelling at her brother, ‘You can’t control me’ and such. She made her brother apologize to us.”

Fortunately, Garza said the future momma of two was eventually able to have her friends over another evening:

“We ended up have another gathering at her apartment and we had a great time. She is such a sweet person. She just wanted to hang out and have fun. On the road we resulted in having bus parties on the tour bus parked in the back of the hotel. It was actually fun. But we couldn’t go anywhere.”


The sad thing is that this claim doesn’t even surprise us given everything we’ve learned through Brit’s confessions in court, on social media, and more. What is even more gut-wrenching is that we imagine there are worse stories out there either from the artist and other eyewitnesses that have yet to be told. Just awful.

Swipe to read his entire post (below):

If you’ve followed Britney’s conservatorship drama, you most likely know Bryan has previously spoken out about the legal arrangement, saying it had been “a great thing” for the family over the years up until the #FreeBritney movement. Yeah, we bet… Seems like they always wanted control, and this gave it to ’em.

However, he also acknowledged that his sister “always wanted to get out” of it and how “frustrating” it must be to have another person dictate every aspect of her life, saying:

“It’s very frustrating to have. Whether someone’s coming in peace to help or coming in with an attitude, having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating.”

Ya think?! Turns out he also had a hand in “constantly” trying to tell Brit what to do.

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