25 Secrets About Scream Revealed

19. Despite the early pressure from the executives and the level of gore in the film, Craven kept the mood light and fun on set.

“Wes said to me, ‘When you’re making a horror movie, the experience doesn’t have to be horrific,'” Kennedy told THR. “It’s one of the greatest quotes I ever heard. We made this crazy movie, but we drank wine at night and had these civilized dinners. Toward the end of the shoot, I was getting really sad that the movie was ending and I started to cry. Courteney was like, ‘Oh, honey. Don’t cry. This is the way it is. It’s summer camp.’ I’m like, ‘But this is my life.’ She goes, ‘No, honey. It’s only your life for three months, but we all have a bond that we’ll never forget.'”

20. Shooting on location in North Carolina, the cast all stayed at the same hotel and hung out together, often in Arquette’s room, which had lava lamps and blacklight posters.

“David is nuts, so he bought every toy possible that you can buy in Santa Rosa, and they were hanging from his ceiling,” Campbell told The Ringer. “I think it was called ‘David’s Bar’ or ‘David’s Club’ or something. ‘Club David.'”

21. Still, the housekeeping staff was less than thrilled to have the actors staying at the hotel. “The maids at the hotel hated us, or hated me, that’s for sure, because we ruined a lot of sheets and pillowcases,” Ulrich recalled. “No matter how much you scrubbed. I didn’t know the trick about shaving cream at the time, that that takes [blood] off pretty easily. But there’s always residuals and it always winds up on your pillowcase or sheets.”