New Caledonia set for final vote on independence from France

Voters in New Caledonia have flocked the polls in the third and final referendum on the independence for the territory currently governed by the French. The independence movement in Caledonia has gained traction in 2018 and 2020. However, independent parties and the major parties in the region have boycotted the polls to be held on … Read more

Biden’s approval rating on economy, COVID response both plummet

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have taken a hit on account of the economy and his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic according to new polls. Biden’s overall rating remained at a lo of 40% while the approval of the White House response to the pandemic fell to 46%. This places the President underwater in the … Read more

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120-Million-Year-Old Footprints Reveal a Scary-Fast Dinosaur

Spanish Palaeontologists have analyzed two fossilized dinosaur footprints and made estimates on the speed of the creatures at which the prints may have been made. Calculations have shown that the dinosaurs may have been able to run at 28 miles per hour, equalling the fastest humans. While Usain Bolt can sustain this speed momentarily, the … Read more

NYC adopts measure allowing noncitizens to vote for mayor

New York City has voted to allow non-citizens to now vote in local elections including the mayoral elections according to city council member Ydanis Rodriguez, the author of the bill. The city council approved this measure by a 33 to 14 vote, affecting one million adult persons in New York, who will need to now … Read more

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Facebook and Instagram roll out personalized ‘Year in Review’ features

Meta (previously known as Facebook) has launched its ‘Year in Review’ feature for Instagram and Facebook, allowing users to share their highlights from the past year. Users can also share their personalized ‘Year Together’ cards that will highlight their friends, places and people that featured on their accounts in 2021. This feature is available globally … Read more

Iran nuclear talks resume as U.S. and Israel intensify rhetoric

The Iran nuclear deal of 2015 has now been resumed with the US and Israel pressuring Tehran with economic and military sanctions should diplomacy fail. Iran’s negotiator maintains that Tehran will stick to its stance that caused the EU and US to back out. The US-Iran talks in Vienna where diplomats from other parties from … Read more