Judge tosses Charlie Walk’s lawsuit against Marc Kasowitz

Former Universal Music Group exec Charlie Walk’s attempt to sue the lawyer who defended him in a sexual assault and harassment lawsuit, got the thumbs down from a New York state judge late Tuesday.

Judge Andrew Borrok called Walk’s case an “absolutely outrageous” attempt to sully the reputation of Marc Kasowitz, a longtime attorney for President Trump, before dismissing it.

Walk’s lawyer told The Post he would appeal the decision.

Walk’s March 2021 lawsuit claimed that his attorney Kasowitz “botched” negotiations over his 2018 departure from Universal after five female employees accused him of sexual misconduct.

Walk, the former president of Republic Records, who is perhaps best known as a judge on Fox’s reality TV music competition show “The Four,” left the record label with a $1.7 million settlement negotiated by Kasowitz. But the former exec claimed his lawyer “pressured” him into taking the deal and then sued his lawyer for malpractice — and a cool $60 million in lost compensation.

Charlie Walk — a former music exec and judge on “The Four” — exited his job at Universal with a $1.7 million severance after being accused of sexual misconduct by five female employees.
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Walk claimed in his suit that Kasowitz, a “celebrity lawyer,” could “not be bothered to actually represent” him. He claimed that the lawyer failed to advise him on two arguments he allegedly could have raised in arbitration based on Universal’s threat to fire him for cause and the company’s failure to maintain confidentiality during its probe into the allegations.

Kasowitz punched back at the time, claiming his former client was merely bringing the “frivolous” lawsuit against his firm after “failing to resuscitate his career.” He added that the suit was a “publicity stunt” to “try to change Walk’s public image.”

Judge Borrok agreed with Kasowitz, saying that Walk’s lawsuit was based on “a false narrative.”

Charlie Walk
Walk was a high-flying exec at Universal Music Group, home to stars like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Drake.

Gavin Schryver, a partner at Kasowitz, who represented the firm, said Tuesday: “This false and defamatory case was nothing more than an egregious attempt by Charlie Walk, an accused serial sexual harasser, to resuscitate his reputation by attacking ours. We are pleased that Justice Borrok dismissed Walk’s complaint with prejudice.”

Bryan Freedman, a lawyer for Walk, said his client would appeal the judge’s ruling.

“Charlie Walk has never been found to have engaged in any wrongdoing,” Freedman said. “He should have been given the chance to show that before and all he is asking for is the chance to show that now. I am confident that the appellate court will give him that basic right.”