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RootMetrics Coverage Maps Hope to Bring Better Awareness

A big question on a lot of people’s minds when they are deciding to buy a cell phone from a wireless carrier is, “Will the phone actually work in my area?” Today, we are being swarmed with ad campaigns designed by wireless carriers showing off maps of the U.S. with their network’s coverage. This is fine and the information they provide is most likely accurate, but RootMetrics wants to change the idea all together.

The Mission
RootMetrics provides one universal coverage map that shows the actual real time coverage of wireless carriers for your area. Instead of the carrier itself dictating the data they present to you on their commercials or website, RootMetric’s coverage data is completely user generated. The information that makes it onto the map is the result of direct real time signal ratings of a particular carrier’s wireless signal, provided by users from their smartphones. RootMetrics has an app available on both iPhone and Android, so it covers a broad number of users all over the country. The great thing about this is that the information is completely unbiased and accurate. The only thing dictating the data you will see on the map is if people in your area are actually collecting data for the service. It’s a completely user-generated database that will give people looking for a wireless carrier a great opportunity to take advantage of a user-controlled informative tool. The RootMetrics staff also helps to develop coverage maps. It will help people choose which wireless carriers are best for them in their area and potentially improve the way carriers deal with their coverage problems. 

The App
The application itself is the most interesting part of RootMetrics. It is the tool that will help collect your carrier’s data, as well as allow you to view your local coverage map.

RootMetricsThis screen shows the test that you will run and upload to the database. It will calculate the speed of your carrier’s network in the area.

You will also be able to report other issues that commonly occur with coverage issues.

Finally, there is a map that will aggregate the data users in your area have uploaded to the database.

With the combination of the excellent tool RootMetrics provides with the effort of local customers collecting data, the database RootMetrics provides will help inform wireless consumers, as well as provide motivation to carriers to improve the quality of their wireless network.

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